VARTA Partner Portal solves all questions when changing a battery

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Having doubts about changing a battery? Register on the VARTA Partner Portal and we will help you to solve them

With the increasing arrival of Start-Stop vehicles in the garage, the complexity of the electronics has increased, and the tasks of checking and replacing batteries have become more difficult. The times for changing a battery have increased, with up to 28 steps required for this replacement on some occasions.
That’s why the leading automotive battery brand VARTA has created the VARTA Partner Portal. With a simple registration, the workshop can immediately obtain all the information it may need to change the battery.
This free tool offers among many other advantages:

  • A search engine for the right battery for each vehicle, with more than 38,000 registered vehicles, covering 99.6% of the European car fleet, you will be able to find the specific battery you are looking for.
  • Knowing the position of the battery, allowing it to be located more quickly and including specific information on the most efficient way to access it.
  • Garage professionals can also find assembly instructions with the step-by-step and estimated time it will take to replace the battery.
  • Knowledge about batterieswith information about the role of the battery today, the importance of using the right battery for Start-Stop vehicles, among many other contents.

If you want to make the most of your time and not hesitate to change the battery, sign up for the VARTA PARTNER PORTAL free of charge and start enjoying all its advantages.

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