Ponle Freno organizes the second virtual solidarity race with the sponsorship of CGA

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It will be possible to participate on 12 and 13 December from anywhere in Spain on an individual basis through an App in the modalities of 5 and 10 kilometres, among others.

Ponle Freno, a social action for road safety promoted by Atresmedia, is organising the second edition of its popular race in a virtual format that is shared collectively and synchronised throughout Spain, with the collaboration of the AXA Foundation as a strategic partner and the CGA Garages Network as an official sponsor.

Since its inception twelve years ago with all its popular careers, both face-to-face and first virtual edition held last June – with more than 20,000 registered the proceeds from the registrations go entirely to various projects in support of victims of road accidents. In this case, the money raised by the second Ponle Freno virtual race will be used to finance several projects of different entities: the leisure and free time programme for people with traffic accidents in Palma’s hospitals, of Cocemfe Las Palmas; the Guttman Institute’s “Game Over” campaign for the prevention of accidents among young people in educational centres in Catalonia; and Aspaym’s initiative “Move with Willy”, an educational tool based on gambling to encourage young people to learn about and prevent road safety.

The second race in virtual format will again be possible thanks to the specific technological application for the Ponle Freno Virtual race (PFV App), which will allow the geolocation and synchronisation of all its participants. On this occasion, the app will include, as one of the main new features, the Free Distance Training mode, which will allow you to start training before the race and share the results.

The race will take place over two days, from 06:00 on Saturday morning, 12 December, until 23:00 on Sunday 13, always taking into account the time constraints of each place and time. During this period, the user must complete the selected distance of 5 or 10 kilometresand, through the PFV App, previously downloaded to his mobile, upload the result with which he competes. In this way, the mobile will be the chip of each participant.

As in previous events, as well as being able to cover 5 or 10 kilometres, the race will include the men’s, women’s and handbike categories, as well as the Junior categories, also in the women’s and men’s categories, but in the latter case only covering 5 kilometres. Along with these, it includes another novelty in the categories, the Family, in which the whole family will be able to participate with only one App and it will allow to classify by age.

ponle freno cga camiseta

As in all popular races, the Ponle Freno Virtual will also have its bibs, its T-shirt and, as a novelty, its exclusive windcheater and mask. The procedure for obtaining this equipment will be as follows: once the registration has been made, which can be done on the official platform, CarrerasPonleFreno.com (at a price of five euros), the user will be registered at that time and will receive their bib by e-mail. Optionally (five euros more, including shipping costs), you can also order the exclusive T-shirt for this edition, which you will receive at home. On this figure, and for three euros more, it will be possible to acquire the official mask of the race. For ten euros over the price of the T-shirt, the windcheater can be purchased.

Although it is not obligatory to wear the bib when each participant takes part in the race, wearing it will be one of the unifying elements in the race and will serve to share experiences on social networks, as well as to take part in online communication actions. The objective is to get thousands of runners to participate during two days in all Spanish cities, a great national impact in an organized way, each one in their own circuit and following the motto of Ponle Freno, ‘Together, Yes We Can’.

From 14 December the classification will be published on the official website and, on this occasion and as it is a special edition, in addition to awarding prizes to the official absolute categories, there will be a photography competition by autonomous community on social networks.