Road House renews the image and packaging of its products

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The aim of this innovation is to achieve a renewed, more functional and differentiating packaging that allows to improve logistics, storage and management.

The change of image initiated at Road House in its day with the brake pad packaging has its culmination with the new packaging of the rest of its products. More up-to-date and homogeneous, it is made up of a more robust and versatile carton.

Road House thus unifies the image of all its products with a more identifiable corporate design. Distributors and customers will perceive that the change is made progressively, so that for a time the old and new image will coexist in the shipments.

The aim of this Road House innovation is to achieve renewed, more functional and differentiating packaging that will improve the logistics, storage and management of its entire product range.

In short, the differentiating points are:

  • New reinforced format that facilitates and improves storage.
  • New labels with double reference and barcode for identification in any position
  • The new cases have a more robust and firm structure that allows greater protection of the product.

New collective box that:

  • It provides double protection to the product.
  • It improves management in transport.
  • Strengthens the brand image.
  • The upper die-cut part allows direct access to identify the product.